Diary on a blue planet

from the star decks of the Intergalactic Starship the ISGaruda1

OneVillage.Earth launches on World Kindness Day 13 November 02018

And what does kindness have to do with anything on Earth,

especially in regards to how I provide for my home and family, how we live?

This diary is where I, Kat Ehrhorn, will journal my experiences on this Blue Planet named Earth that was recommended in the Tourist's Guide to Intergalactic Star Systems (okay, rated with only 1 star) as a planet inhabitable by homo sapiens (which is what I am, too) as well as 8.7 million other animal species, 400,000 plant species, 7 continents, 5 oceans and 1 protective atmosphere all tilted just right.  Sounds pretty good, right? I should have heeded the low star rating, however, maybe gone to another world, as there are some serious  things amiss here, oh dear. It's a rather dangerous and inhospitable atmosphere with a few homo sapiens running around with lighted matches, sharp knives or guns making messes everywhere that result in death for everyone. Egads. The other homo sapiens, however are delightful, kind and beautiful while fearful and suffering through intolerable cruelty imposed by the few. It's so sad. Maybe I can help. 

"The Wildness of Water" below shows the beauty of elements when they are allowed to express without human fear and attempts to control them. 

Immerse yourself in the pure open spaces of a planet that was designed to support your life.

Don't be afraid! Walk with ecstasy in the greatest of beauty.

A previous landing spot in Cascabel (above), at the confluence of the San Pedro River which flows north from the Sierra Madre, with Paige Canyon flowing in from the Rincons to the west and Hot Springs Canyon of the Muleshoes from the east. My next landing spot will be on the mesa above the waters, across the canyon from where Grail and Zeleigh rode their mule and horse to school at the airstrip. 

Zeleigh and Grail in Kashmir swimming in Lake Dal in front of The Black Mosque, Srinagar Kashmir

And Tucson arts focus brings community resources to light while introducing people to other people who live right around the corner.

"Hi, there, neighbor! How can I help you?"

December 9 Memorial at Sunsites Community Center for Allegra Ahlquist who flew from her dancing 96-year body on 11/1 at 1:11pm

December 10 Next-Gen Grandmothers gather at Cochise Stronghold

Oh Holy Grandmother! Grandmother! Allegra! Allegra! Allegra!
I am melting into and becoming the body of wisdom that you cast into the light of every molecule and the spaces in between.
I promise to carry and guard these colors of this your realm Rainbow Light.
And I promise to sing and dance them With my life Into the heart of the Mother.

     A gang of us from all walks of life and destined to become family landed in the wilderness of Cochise County in the mid-nineties. I arrived from Oro Valley, a new single mother with 2-year old Zeleigh and 4-old Grail, to a gorgeous mesquite-forested property on both sides of the San Pedro River under towering bluffs in the middle of a 60-mile dirt road. There was no house. 
     We met the Medinas in Redington, driving by Victor and Chris playing in Buehman's Canyon. "Yay!" for more boys the same ages as G & Z as we scouted for our next home.
     After 2 years of living in a mash tent while defining our infrastructure from scratch (such provocative fun: "What do we really need to be comfortable humans in the wilderness?"), we ordered a purple Pacific Yurts yurt, where Nancy and John Yates had just ordered from Vancouver for their Cochise Stronghold dream. Nancy asked Pacific Yurts about flooring systems other than plank and the company gave her my phone number. "Yeah, call this lady. She's doing a mud and stone floor." And we became Yurt Sisters that day, with their son Sean my sons' new dear pal in the wilderness. 
     Relishing used building materials, and developing housing ideas for the poorest of the poor on the planet I early on brought home a delightfully dented and red wheel barrow. The proprietor said, "You should meet Shirley Tassencourt, someone else who'd love this wheel barrow, and who is building a dome with her grandson."  I drove that afternoon to Whirling Yellow Way and there met Allegra. Three Grandmothers bought the holy ground which we knew was a profound acupuncture point on this Planet Earth Home Galaxy. Allegra hosted ceremonies in the moonlight, in the daylight, rain, wind, sun, filled with singing, dancing, drumming, praising, eating, laughing, tickling, hooting and howling. With our precious children in the circles, Allegra generously and passionately expressed fun, prayer and love.  
     And with the Grandmothers inspiring community gratitude and play, the Yates introducing us to garden fairies and their magic, the Medinas teaching us how to cook bread in a dutch oven over an open fire while living outside with canvas walls on an extended and fantastic camping trip, our families initiated pilgrimages throughout these wild mountains and river valleys of SE Arizona, to help build each others' homes, and for company, food and prayer. In these Lands we imagined living before, with each other before, and with each other forever.
     And then came Randy & Hope, Joanne & Margarita, and others of like-mind, hungry to live close with Nature. Such a magical decade with these friends as a single mom intentionally handing over the essence of nurturing life itself to Mother Nature, to Mother Earth. The days' activities were shared in stark natural beauty, not one thing of man-made in the view but rarely, and mostly at our own homes that we were carving out ourselves and allof which were very cool, with no strangers in the day. Such rarefied fun, truly.
     Over the next 15 years I studied Buddhism while building a large retreat center in another middle of nowhere. My Buddhist teacher asked Allegra and I to teach creative building since we'd done so much of it already. And so we did for a few years exploring and demonstrating simplicity with a focus on permaculture, water harvesting and storage, power systems, manure composting, using unprocessed or hand hewn local materials and ancient monolithic building methods. Inspired purely by ease and beauty, Allegra's mind danced the light fantastic and opened many others' minds to the power and fun of seeking building solutions resulting in a literal Heaven on Earth. And so I continue this work.
     Allegra's spontaneity and regularity of celebration as a lifestyle model characterized by and punctuated with playful startlement was her greatest gift to me. I feel I have similarly bold and expressive energy running through me, but have felt too shy to behave so largely as Allegra; this has been a hard behavior for me to implement full power. But I think now that I must as this would make her laugh and help the world. So it is this aspect of Allegra that I hope to emulate and carry on. 
     It will only be by holding Allegra firmly in my heart that I will prevail anywhere near her inimitable style of joyful expression.
     Thank you precious Allegra for coming to this world. I will do my best as you.

9 & 10 December 02018 we gathered in the Stronghold, many the next generation of Grandmothers, empowering all hearts with your praises.

Grail, Chris and Zeleigh playing music with moms Rose & Kat, and dad Manny on the bluffs above the San Pedro River at the purple yurt landing spot. 

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