Come on down to Maggie's Farm . . .

and get in touch with the hearts of your pets through some down-home common sense and old woman lifelong barnyard wisdom. Magz will be answering your pet questions and curate the OvE line of pet- and planet-loving high quality food and gear that your pets deserve. 

While Photon gets caught at a game of solitaire, Magz makes Notes from the backyard garden table and chairs at Maggie's Farm, watching the breeze blow through the mesquite while birds chatter, toads croak and dogs play in the grass.


Since most of our animal friends don't, in order to understand them better it helps a lot to try to speak their languages. Be they horses or dogs or cats or chickens, the animals we share our lives with are communicating with us constantly. We're often talking right back, but are we speaking the same language?

Let's see if I can help a bit with this, I'm Magz, and I've spent a lifetime trying to figure out what the animals are saying to me. I've spent a lot of years training horses and dogs, keeping a little farm with lots of livestock, and being trained by my cats. I've learned from every animal I've ever known even though sometimes what I've been taught is to never do that exact thing again.

I believe that the whole animal industry could use a little more common sense and a bit of advice now and then, and I believe I can be one of the people who can help with that. I envision a friendly little corner of this big world where questions that relate to animal health, animal nutrition, and animal behavior could be entertaining as well as educational.

I am not a veterinarian although I've worked for and with some very fine ones. I don't claim to have the answers to every question that could be asked, but I know how to look for answers I don't have: Questions are the way to learn just about anything about everything. Imagine a regular column that leads with a couple of paragraphs expounding on an animal topic, either one suggested by an earlier question, or one that's on my mind as perhaps something I've just run into with my own animal crew.

A few ideas, a little humor and joy since we know our pets can be funny and profound, and maybe a suggestion or two for a book or web link to sources for more details. Followed by a question or two on any topic animal related, from 'I can't catch my horse' to 'Why does my cat suddenly scratch me in the middle of a belly rub?'

I think this sounds like a lot of fun, for both the readers and myself. I look forward to getting to know you and letting you get to know me, Maggie (Magz) Baker

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