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Please meet OneVillage.Earth, an Arizona Public Benefit Corporation and kind global marketplace. 

OvE (pronounced O-vee) will:

(a) be an alternative marketplace similar to Amazon that gives consumers an option to source and buy kindly-made products. These are products that don't harm the people who make or use them, nor the places where they were made and will be disposed;

(b) be a media production company for solutions-based video, print, and digital information modules;

(c) be a profit-distributing funding agent for global solutions providers;

(d) act as a corporate platform for mentoring young adults; and  

(e) be the gift of a corporate tool to future generations that will benefit their quality of life.

Income streams of $395M in 5 years will come from curated digital commerce and the marketing of solutions-based information productions.

All profits are generated for the support of global solutions providers and will be donated to nominees made by the OvE Board of Directors.

Why do we do what we do?   

Science and medicine are showing that human behaviors worldwide are resulting in rapidly accelerating social and environmental damage and suffering.

At OvE we believe that through analysis and a logic-based change in our demands as consumers, we will see every individual empowered to improve the state of the world.

OvE will be a global influencer through our discovery and sharing of solutions. We model social efforts that provide an antidote to the side effects of how we humans live and buy. We focus on lifestyle and status-driven commerce to impact and benefit future global social and environmental outcomes.

The OvE product niche is "Kind Products," curated goods and services that pass a detailed life-cycle analysis demonstrating reduced harm to life and environment at every stage of production, distribution, and consumption. Criteria at all phases include beauty and happiness indices. And foremost, OvE prioritizes the strength and health of the family unit along with that of the environment.

OvE’s goals will empower each of us, as individuals and as communities, to evolve from consumers consuming to humans being.

And we think that’s just what the world needs right now: decision-making criteria based in kindness rather than consumption.

Welcome. Here’s a lineup of what’s coming:

OneVillage.Earth rescales the approach to global problems with local implementation of solutions. By sharing these solutions village-to-village, we believe the whole world can be restored.

OvE empowers consumers to make a beneficial difference in the world with every dollar they spend, demonstrating how every one of us has the power in our own homes to beneficially impact the world.

OvE is the curator and purveyor of all products, ensuring they are made with kindness. Through comprehensive analyses of a product’s need and lifecycle, OvE provides shoppers with easy links to producers whose top priority is to influence the improved health of the Earth and the greater happiness of the beings who live here.

OvE solutions support the retooling and reinvention of marketing, ordering and fulfillment, working directly with all departments and at all phases of products’ life cycles. 

OvE refocuses the paradigm of consumption for social status towards a kindness-based paradigm that results in a healthy, abundant, safe and happy place for everyone on this planet.


                           Welcome to OneVillage.Earth!

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